Your assistance to Ukrainian children.

Text elementWelcome to the world of Teens Academy, where we provide teenagers with the opportunity to develop their potential and unleash their talents. Founded in Kharkiv in 2011, our academy focuses on creating programs for the psychological development of adolescents.
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been taking care of the psychological well-being of teenagers, countering the negative consequences of isolation, maladjustment, post-traumatic syndrome, and creating an environment for self-development and support.
Our main goal is to provide education that helps young individuals shape their identity, achieve significant results in life, make an impact on the world, and unlock their potential.
Join our academy, where we work together to empower teenagers and foster their personal growth.

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The directions of our work include:


Leadership Program USA

The Leadership Program is an exchange program in partnership with Global Synergy Group aimed at supporting talented youth who will contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine, particularly from the affected cities.


Inspiring Meetings and Support Groups

Introducing teenagers to representatives of universities, educational programs, and charitable foundations to broaden their horizons and explore opportunities available to them.
Communication and psychological support groups for teenagers who have been affected by the consequences of military invasion. These groups provide a safe space for them to communicate and receive psychological assistance.


Activities with Children from Kharkiv

Children in Kharkiv, located 40 km away from the aggressor country, suffer from isolation. We conduct training sessions, meetings, film clubs, and provide psychological support to help them lead normal teenage lives.

Data Deploy

Our company provides professional data employment for clients all over the world.

Business Consulting

Multipurpose assistance for online stores and offline retail businesses.

How can you help?


Becoming a partner of the exchange program 

Join us and our partners in helping children explore the world and transform the sound of war into the sound of connection.


Becoming a speaker.

Sharing your experiences and opportunities with the children through lectures, introducing them to universities and development opportunities.


Sponsoring education.

You can financially support the participation of children in support groups. You can also take care of a specific child and sponsor their involvement in our project.

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